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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The area of Project Risk Management (PRM) has
been extensively researched, and the utilization of various tools and
techniques for managing risk in several industries has been
sufficiently reported. Formal and systematic PRM practices have
been made available for the construction industry. Based on such
body of knowledge, this paper tries to find out the global picture of
PRM practices and approaches with the help of a survey to look into
the usage of PRM techniques and diffusion of software tools, their
level of maturity, and their usefulness in the construction sector.
Results show that, despite existing techniques and tools, their usage is
limited: software tools are used only by a minority of respondents
and their cost is one of the largest hurdles in adoption. Finally, the
paper provides some important guidelines for future research
regarding quantitative risk analysis techniques and suggestions for
PRM software tools development and improvement.},
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