@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8129,
	  title     = {Collaborative Document Evaluation: An Alternative Approach to Classic Peer Review},
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	  abstract     = {Research papers are usually evaluated via peer
review. However, peer review has limitations in evaluating research
papers. In this paper, Scienstein and the new idea of 'collaborative
document evaluation' are presented. Scienstein is a project to
evaluate scientific papers collaboratively based on ratings, links,
annotations and classifications by the scientific community using the
internet. In this paper, critical success factors of collaborative
document evaluation are analyzed. That is the scientists- motivation
to participate as reviewers, the reviewers- competence and the
reviewers- trustworthiness. It is shown that if these factors are
ensured, collaborative document evaluation may prove to be a more
objective, faster and less resource intensive approach to scientific
document evaluation in comparison to the classical peer review
process. It is shown that additional advantages exist as collaborative
document evaluation supports interdisciplinary work, allows
continuous post-publishing quality assessments and enables the
implementation of academic recommendation engines. In the long
term, it seems possible that collaborative document evaluation will
successively substitute peer review and decrease the need for
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