@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8077,
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	  abstract     = {Today due to rising levels of housing- necessities,
several problems have been raised regarding to urban quality of life.
The aim of the research is to study social and spatial aspects of
housing environment and to find out their interaction with the urban
quality of life. As a case of study two pilot areas of Famagusta city in
North Cyprus, were selected: Baykal, considered as an established
urban district and Tuzla, a newly developed peri-urban district. In
order to determine urban quality of life in planning and developing of
housing areas, social and spatial aspects of selected areas have been
examined, differences between them according to the planning policy
have been pointed out, advantages and disadvantages of housing
planning have been found. As a practical implementation of the
research a number of households in each selected area have been
interviewed in order to draw a conclusion.},
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