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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In this paper, Neuro-Fuzzy based Fuzzy Subtractive
Clustering Method (FSCM) and Self Tuning Fuzzy PD-like
Controller (STFPDC) were used to solve non-linearity and trajectory
problems of pitch AND yaw angles of Twin Rotor MIMO system
(TRMS). The control objective is to make the beams of TRMS reach
a desired position quickly and accurately. The proposed method
could achieve control objectives with simpler controller. To simplify
the complexity of STFPDC, ANFIS based FSCM was used to
simplify the controller and improve the response. The proposed
controllers could achieve satisfactory objectives under different input
signals. Simulation results under MATLAB/Simulink® proved the
improvement of response and superiority of simplified STFPDC on
Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC).},
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