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	  abstract     = {A unique combination of adsorption and
electrochemical regeneration with a proprietary adsorbent material
called Nyex 100 was introduced at the University of Manchester for
waste water treatment applications. Nyex 100 is based on graphite
intercalation compound. It is non porous and electrically conducing
adsorbent material. This material exhibited very small BET surface
area i.e. 2.75 m2g-1, in consequence, small adsorptive capacities for
the adsorption of various organic pollutants were obtained. This work
aims to develop composite adsorbent material essentially capable of
electrochemical regeneration coupled with improved adsorption
characteristics. An organic dye, acid violet 17 was used as standard
organic pollutant. The developed composite material was
successfully electrochemically regenerated using a DC current of 1 A
for 60 minutes. Regeneration efficiency was maintained at around
100% for five adsorption-regeneration cycles.},
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