@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/8,
	  title     = {Evaluating per-user Fairness of Goal-Oriented Parallel Computer Job Scheduling Policies},
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	  abstract     = {Fair share objective has been included into the goaloriented
parallel computer job scheduling policy recently. However,
the previous work only presented the overall scheduling performance.
Thus, the per-user performance of the policy is still lacking. In this
work, the details of per-user fair share performance under the
Tradeoff-fs(Tx:avgX) policy will be further evaluated. A basic fair
share priority backfill policy namely RelShare(1d) is also studied.
The performance of all policies is collected using an event-driven
simulator with three real job traces as input. The experimental results
show that the high demand users are usually benefited under most
policies because their jobs are large or they have a lot of jobs. In the
large job case, one job executed may result in over-share during that
period. In the other case, the jobs may be backfilled for
performances. However, the users with a mixture of jobs may suffer
because if the smaller jobs are executing the priority of the remaining
jobs from the same user will be lower. Further analysis does not show
any significant impact of users with a lot of jobs or users with a large
runtime approximation error.},
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