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effect of cassava peel addition in the concentrate on the performance
of lactating dairy cows. Twenty four Holstein Friesian crossbred
(>87.5% Holstein Friesian) lactating dairy cows in mid lactation;
averaging 12.2+2.1 kg of milk, 119+45 days in milk, 44.1+6.2
months old and 449+33 kg live weight, were stratified for milk yield,
days in milk, age, stage of lactation and body weight, and then
randomly allocated to three treatment groups. The first, second and
third groups were fed concentrates containing the respective cassava
peel, 0, 20 and 40%. All cows were fed ad libitum corn silage and
freely access to clean water. Dry matter intake, 4%FCM, milk
composition and body weight change were affected (P},
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