@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/7876,
	  title     = {Artificial Intelligence Support for Interferon Treatment Decision in Chronic Hepatitis B},
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	  abstract     = {Chronic hepatitis B can evolve to cirrhosis and liver
cancer. Interferon is the only effective treatment, for carefully selected
patients, but it is very expensive. Some of the selection criteria are
based on liver biopsy, an invasive, costly and painful medical procedure.
Therefore, developing efficient non-invasive selection systems,
could be in the patients benefit and also save money. We investigated
the possibility to create intelligent systems to assist the Interferon
therapeutical decision, mainly by predicting with acceptable accuracy
the results of the biopsy. We used a knowledge discovery in integrated
medical data - imaging, clinical, and laboratory data. The resulted
intelligent systems, tested on 500 patients with chronic hepatitis
B, based on C5.0 decision trees and boosting, predict with 100%
accuracy the results of the liver biopsy. Also, by integrating the other
patients selection criteria, they offer a non-invasive support for the
correct Interferon therapeutic decision. To our best knowledge, these
decision systems outperformed all similar systems published in the
literature, and offer a realistic opportunity to replace liver biopsy in
this medical context.},
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