@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/7751,
	  title     = {Heavy Metal Concentrations in Fanworth (Cabombafurcata) from Lake Chini, Malaysia},
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	  abstract     = {Study was conducted to determine the concentration of
copper, cadmium, lead and zinc in Cabomba furcata that found
abundance in Lake Chini. This aquatic plant was collected randomly
within the lake for heavy metal determination. Water quality
measurement was undertaken in situ for temperature, pH,
conductivity and dissolved oksigen using portable multi sensor probe
YSI model 556. The C. furcata was digested using wet digestion
method and heavy metal concentrations were analysed using Atomic
Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) Perkin Elmer 4100B (flame
method). Result of water quality classify Lake Chini between class II
to class III using Malaysian Water Quality Standard. According to
this standard, Lake Chini has moderate quality, which normal for
natural lake. Heavy metal concentrations in C.furcata were low and
found to be lower than the critical toxic value in aquatic plants. Oneway
ANOVA test indicated the heavy metal concentrations in
C.furcata were significantly differ between sampling location. Water
quality and heavy metal concentrations indicates that Lake Chini was
not receives anthropogenic load from nearby activities.},
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