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	  abstract     = {The fine structure of supercavitation in the wake of a
symmetrical cylinder is studied with high-speed video cameras. The
flow is observed in a cavitation tunnel at the speed of 8m/sec when the
sidewall and the wake are partially filled with the massive cavitation
bubbles. The present experiment observed that a two-dimensional
ripple wave with a wave length of 0.3mm is propagated in a
downstream direction, and then abruptly increases to a thicker
three-dimensional layer. IR-photography recorded that the wakes
originated from the horseshoe vortexes alongside the cylinder. The
wake was developed to inside the dead water zone, which absorbed the
bubbly wake propelled from the separated vortices at the center of the
cylinder. A remote sensing classification technique (maximum most
likelihood) determined that the surface porosity was 0.2, and the mean
speed in the mixed wake was 7m/sec. To confirm the existence of
two-dimensional wave motions in the interface, the experiments were
conducted at a very low frequency, and showed similar gravity waves
in both the upper and lower interfaces.},
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