@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/7696,
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	  abstract     = {Groundwater is one of the most important water
resources in Fars province. Based on this study, 95 percent of the
total annual water consumption in Fars is used for agriculture,
whereas the percentages for domestic and industrial uses are 4 and 1
percent, respectively. Population growth, urban and industrial
growth, and agricultural development in Fars have created a
condition of water stress. In this province, farmers and other users are
pumping groundwater faster than its natural replenishment rate,
causing a continuous drop in groundwater tables and depletion of this
resource. In this research variation of groundwater level, their effects
and ways to help control groundwater levels in aquifer of the Kavar-
Maharloo plains in Fars plain were evaluated .Excessive
exploitation of groundwater in this aquifer caused the groundwater
levels fall too fast or to unacceptable levels. The average drawdown
of the groundwater level in this plain were 17 meters during
1995 to 2006. The purpose of this study is to evaluate water level
changes in the Kavar-Maharloo Aquifer in the Fars province in order
to determine the areas of greatest depletion, the cause of depletion,
and predict the remaining life of the aquifer.},
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