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	  abstract     = {The sensitivity of orifice plate metering to disturbed
flow (either asymmetric or swirling) is a subject of great concern to
flow meter users and manufacturers. The distortions caused by pipe
fittings and pipe installations upstream of the orifice plate are major
sources of this type of non-standard flows. These distortions can alter
the accuracy of metering to an unacceptable degree. In this work, a
multi-scale object known as metal foam has been used to generate a
predetermined turbulent flow upstream of the orifice plate. The
experimental results showed that the combination of an orifice plate
and metal foam flow conditioner is broadly insensitive to upstream
disturbances. This metal foam demonstrated a good performance in
terms of removing swirl and producing a repeatable flow profile
within a short distance downstream of the device. The results of using
a combination of a metal foam flow conditioner and orifice plate for
non-standard flow conditions including swirling flow and asymmetric
flow show this package can preserve the accuracy of metering up to
the level required in the standards.},
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