@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/7589,
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	  abstract     = {A challenging problem in radar signal processing is to
achieve reliable target detection in the presence of interferences. In
this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for automatic censoring of
radar interfering targets in log-normal clutter. The proposed
algorithm, termed the forward automatic censored cell averaging
detector (F-ACCAD), consists of two steps: removing the corrupted
reference cells (censoring) and the actual detection. Both steps are
performed dynamically by using a suitable set of ranked cells to
estimate the unknown background level and set the adaptive
thresholds accordingly. The F-ACCAD algorithm does not require
any prior information about the clutter parameters nor does it require
the number of interfering targets. The effectiveness of the F-ACCAD
algorithm is assessed by computing, using Monte Carlo simulations,
the probability of censoring and the probability of detection in
different background environments.},
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