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	  abstract     = {Lighting upgrades involve relatively lower costs which
allow the benefits to be spread more widely than is possible with any
other energy efficiency measure. In order to popularize the adoption of
CFL in Taiwan, the authority proposes to implement a new energy efficient lamp comparative label system. The current study was
accordingly undertaken to investigate the factors affecting the performance and the deviation of actual and labeled performance of
commercially available integrated CFLs. In this paper, standard test
methods to determine the electrical and photometric performances of
CFL were developed based on CIE 84-1989 and CIE 60901-1987,
then 55 selected CFLs from market were tested. The results show that
with higher color temperature of CFLs lower efficacy are achieved. It
was noticed that the most packaging of CFL often lack the information of Color Rendering Index. Also, there was no correlation between
price and performance of the CFLs was indicated in this work. The results of this paper might help consumers to make more informed
CFL-purchasing decisions.},
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