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	  abstract     = {The purpose of this study is to analyze the islands
tourist travel information sources, as well as for the satisfaction of the
tourist destination services. This study used questionnaires to the
island of Taiwan to the Penghu Islands to engage in tourism activities
tourist adopt the designated convenience sampling method, a total of
889 valid questionnaires were collected. After statistical analysis, this
study found that: 1. tourists to the Penghu Islands travel information
source for “friends and family came to Penghu". 2. Tourists feel the
service of the outlying islands of Penghu, the highest feelings of
“friendly local residents". 3. There are different demographic variables
affect the tourist travel information source and service satisfaction.
Based on the findings of this study not only for Penghu's tourism
industry with the unit in charge of the proposed operating and
suggestions for future research to other researchers.},
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