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	  abstract     = {We board the problem of creating a seismic alert
system, based upon artificial neural networks, trained by using the
well-known back-propagation and genetic algorithms, in order to emit
the alarm for the population located into a specific city, about an
eminent earthquake greater than 4.5 Richter degrees, and avoiding
disasters and human loses. In lieu of using the propagation wave, we
employed the magnitude of the earthquake, to establish a correlation
between the recorded magnitudes from a controlled area and the city,
where we want to emit the alarm. To measure the accuracy of the
posed method, we use a database provided by CIRES, which contains
the records of 2500 quakes incoming from the State of Guerrero
and Mexico City. Particularly, we performed the proposed method to
generate an issue warning in Mexico City, employing the magnitudes
recorded in the State of Guerrero.},
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