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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This paper presents a new method for the
implementation of a direct rotor flux control (DRFOC) of induction
motor (IM) drives. It is based on the rotor flux components
regulation. The d and q axis rotor flux components feed proportional
integral (PI) controllers. The outputs of which are the target stator
voltages (vdsref and vqsref). While, the synchronous speed is depicted at
the output of rotor speed controller. In order to accomplish variable
speed operation, conventional PI like controller is commonly used.
These controllers provide limited good performances over a wide
range of operations even under ideal field oriented conditions. An
alternate approach is to use the so called fuzzy logic controller. The
overall investigated system is implemented using dSpace system
based on digital signal processor (DSP). Simulation and experimental
results have been presented for a one kw IM drives to confirm the
validity of the proposed algorithms.},
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