@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/7123,
	  title     = {Increasing of Energy Efficiency based on Persian Ancient Architectural Patterns in Desert Regions (Case Study Of Traditional Houses In Kashan)},
	  author    = {Mehran Jamshidi and  Naghmeh Yazdanfar and  Masoud Nasri},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In general architecture means the art of creating the
space. Comprehensive and complete body which is created by a
creative and purposeful thought to respond the human needs.
Professionally, architecture is the are of designing and
comprehensive planning of physical spaces that is created for
human-s productivity. The purpose of architectural design is to
respond the human needs which is appeared in physical frame.
Human in response to his needs is always looking to achieve comfort.
Throughout history of human civilization this relative comfort has
been inspired by nature and assimilating the facility and natural
achievement in the format of artifact patterns base on the nature, so
that it is achieved in this comfort level and invention of these factors.
All physical factors like regional, social and economical factors are
made available to human in order to achieve a specific goal and are
made to gain an ideal architecture to respond the functional needs and
consider the aesthetics and elemental principles and pay attention to
residents- comfort. In this study the Persian architecture with
exploiting and transforming the energies into the requisite energies of
architecture spaces and importing fuel products, utilities, etc, in order
to achieve a relative comfort level will be investigated. In this paper
the study of structural and physical specialties of traditional houses in
desert regions and Central Plateau of Iran gave us this opportunity to
being more familiar with important specialties of energy productivity
in architecture body of traditional houses in these regions specially
traditional houses of Kashan and in order to use these principles to
create modern architectures in these regions.},
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