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	  abstract     = {The objective of this research was to study factors,
which were affected on surface roughness in high speed milling of
hardened tool steel. Material used in the experiment was tool steel JIS
SKD 61 that hardened on 60 ±2 HRC. Full factorial experimental
design was conducted on 3 factors and 3 levels (3
designs) with 2
replications. Factors were consisted of cutting speed, feed rate, and
depth of cut. The results showed that influenced factor affected to
surface roughness was cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut which
showed statistical significant. Higher cutting speed would cause on
better surface quality. On the other hand, higher feed rate would cause
on poorer surface quality. Interaction of factor was found that cutting
speed and depth of cut were significantly to surface quality. The
interaction of high cutting speed associated with low depth of cut
affected to better surface quality than low cutting speed and high depth
of cut.},
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