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	  abstract     = {Vehicle suspension design must fulfill
some conflicting criteria. Among those is ride comfort
which is attained by minimizing the acceleration
transmitted to the sprung mass, via suspension spring
and damper. Also good handling of a vehicle is a
desirable property which requires stiff suspension and
therefore is in contrast with a vehicle with good ride.
Among the other desirable features of a suspension is
the minimization of the maximum travel of suspension.
This travel which is called suspension working space in
vehicle dynamics literature is also a design constraint
and it favors good ride. In this research a full car 8
degrees of freedom model has been developed and the
three above mentioned criteria, namely: ride, handling
and working space has been adopted as objective
functions. The Multi Objective Programming (MOP)
discipline has been used to find the Pareto Front and
some reasoning used to chose a design point between
these non dominated points of Pareto Front.},
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