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	  abstract     = {In this paper, in order to investigate the effects of
photovoltaic system introduction to detached houses in Japan, two
kinds of works were done. Firstly, the hourly generation amount of a
4.2kW photovoltaic system were simulated in 46 cities to investigate
the potential of the system in different regions in Japan using a
simulation model of photovoltaic system. Secondly, based on the
simulated electricity generation amount, the energy saving, the
environmental and the economic effect of the photovoltaic system
were examined from hourly to annual timescales, based upon
calculations of typical electricity, heating, cooling and hot water
supply load profiles for Japanese dwellings. The above analysis was
carried out using a standard year-s hourly weather data for the
different city provided by the Expanded AMeDAS Weather Data
issued by AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan).},
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