@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6896,
	  title     = {Intercultural Mediation Training and the Training Process of Common Sense Leaders by the Leadership of Universities Communication and Artistic Campaigns},
	  author    = {Bilgehan Gültekin and  Tuba Gültekin},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {It is quite essential to form dialogue mechanisms and
dialogue channels to solve intercultural communication issues.
Therefore, every country should develop a intercultural education
project which aims to resolve international communication issues.
For proper mediation training, the first step is to reach an agreement
on the actors to run the project. The strongest mediation mechanisms
in the world should be analyzed and initiated within the educational
policies. A communication-based mediation model should be
developed for international mediation training. Mediators can use
their convincing communication skills as a part of this model. At the
first, fundamental stages of the mediation training should be specified
within the scope of the model. Another important topic at this point is
common sence and peace leaders to act as an ombudsman in this
process. Especially for solving some social issues and conflicts,
common sense leaders acting as an ombudsman would lead to
effective communication. In mediation training that is run by
universities and non-governmental organizations, another phase is to
focus on conducting the meetings. In intercultural mediation training,
one of the most critical topics is to conduct the meeting traffic and
performing a shuttle diplomacy. Meeting traffic is where the mediator
organizes meetings with the parties with initiative powers, in order to
contribute to the solution of the issue, and schedule these meetings.
In this notice titled “ Intercultural mediation training and the training
process of common sense leaders by the leadership of universities
communication and artistic campaigns" , communication models and
strategies about this topic will be constructed and an intercultural art
activities and perspectives will be presented.},
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