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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {For over a decade, the Pulse Coupled Neural Network
(PCNN) based algorithms have been successfully used in image
interpretation applications including image segmentation. There are
several versions of the PCNN based image segmentation methods,
and the segmentation accuracy of all of them is very sensitive to the
values of the network parameters. Most methods treat PCNN
parameters like linking coefficient and primary firing threshold as
global parameters, and determine them by trial-and-error. The
automatic determination of appropriate values for linking coefficient,
and primary firing threshold is a challenging problem and deserves
further research. This paper presents a method for obtaining global as
well as local values for the linking coefficient and the primary firing
threshold for neurons directly from the image statistics. Extensive
simulation results show that the proposed approach achieves
excellent segmentation accuracy comparable to the best accuracy
obtainable by trial-and-error for a variety of images.},
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