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	  abstract     = {The main objective of this paper is a comparative
investigate in enhancement of damping power system oscillation via
coordinated design of the power system stabilizer (PSS) and static
synchronous series compensator (SSSC) and static synchronous
compensator (STATCOM). The design problem of FACTS-based
stabilizers is formulated as a GA based optimization problem. In this
paper eigenvalue analysis method is used on small signal stability of
single machine infinite bus (SMIB) system installed with SSSC and
STATCOM. The generator is equipped with a PSS. The proposed
stabilizers are tested on a weakly connected power system with
different disturbances and loading conditions. This aim is to enhance
both rotor angle and power system stability. The eigenvalue analysis
and non-linear simulation results are presented to show the effects of
these FACTS-based stabilizers and reveal that SSSC exhibits the best
effectiveness on damping power system oscillation.},
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