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	  abstract     = {Novel acrylated epoxidized hemp oil (AEHO) based
bioresins were successfully synthesised, characterized and applied to
biocomposites reinforced with woven jute fibre. Characterisation of
the synthesised AEHO consisted of acid number titrations and FTIR
spectroscopy to assess the success of the acrylation reaction. Three
different matrices were produced (vinylester (VE), 50/50 blend of
AEHO/VE and 100% AEHO) and reinforced with jute fibre to form
three different types of biocomposite samples. Mechanical properties
in the form of flexural and interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) were
investigated and compared for the different samples. Results from the
mechanical tests showed that AEHO and 50/50 based neat bioresins
displayed lower flexural properties compared with the VE samples.
However when applied to biocomposites and compared with VE
based samples, AEHO biocomposites demonstrated comparable
flexural performance and improved ILSS. These results are attributed
to improved fibre-matrix interfacial adhesion due to surface-chemical
compatibility between the natural fibres and bioresin.},
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