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	  abstract     = {This paper proposes an implementation for the
directed diffusion paradigm aids in studying this paradigm-s
operations and evaluates its behavior according to this
implementation. The directed diffusion is evaluated with respect to
the loss percentage, lifetime, end-to-end delay, and throughput.
From these evaluations some suggestions and modifications are
proposed to improve the directed diffusion behavior according to
this implementation with respect to these metrics. The proposed
modifications reflect the effect of local path repair by introducing a
technique called Loop-free Local Path Repair (LLPR) which
improves the directed diffusion behavior especially with respect to
packet loss percentage by about 92.69%. Also LLPR improves the
throughput and end-to-end delay by about 55.31% and 14.06%
respectively, while the lifetime decreases by about 29.79%.},
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