@article{(International Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6689,
	  title     = {Optimized Facial Features-based Age Classification},
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	  abstract     = {The evaluation and measurement of human body
dimensions are achieved by physical anthropometry. This research
was conducted in view of the importance of anthropometric indices
of the face in forensic medicine, surgery, and medical imaging. The
main goal of this research is to optimization of facial feature point by
establishing a mathematical relationship among facial features and
used optimize feature points for age classification. Since selected
facial feature points are located to the area of mouth, nose, eyes and
eyebrow on facial images, all desire facial feature points are extracted
accurately. According this proposes method; sixteen Euclidean
distances are calculated from the eighteen selected facial feature
points vertically as well as horizontally. The mathematical
relationships among horizontal and vertical distances are established.
Moreover, it is also discovered that distances of the facial feature
follows a constant ratio due to age progression. The distances
between the specified features points increase with respect the age
progression of a human from his or her childhood but the ratio of the
distances does not change (d = 1 .618 ) . Finally, according to the
proposed mathematical relationship four independent feature
distances related to eight feature points are selected from sixteen
distances and eighteen feature point-s respectively. These four feature
distances are used for classification of age using Support Vector
Machine (SVM)-Sequential Minimal Optimization (SMO) algorithm
and shown around 96 % accuracy. Experiment result shows the
proposed system is effective and accurate for age classification.},
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