@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6687,
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	  abstract     = {The nickel and gold nanoclusters as supported
catalysts were analyzed by XAS, XRD and XPS in order to
determine their local, global and electronic structure. The present
study has pointed out a strong deformation of the local structure of
the metal, due to its interaction with oxide supports. The average
particle size, the mean squares of the microstrain, the particle size
distribution and microstrain functions of the supported Ni and Au
catalysts were determined by XRD method using Generalized Fermi
Function for the X-ray line profiles approximation. Based on EXAFS
analysis we consider that the local structure of the investigated
systems is strongly distorted concerning the atomic number pairs.
Metal-support interaction is confirmed by the shape changes of the
probability densities of electron transitions: Ni K edge (1s →
continuum and 2p), Au LIII-edge (2p3/2 → continuum, 6s, 6d5/2 and
6d3/2). XPS investigations confirm the metal-support interaction at
their interface.},
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