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	  abstract     = {To understand complex living system an effort has
made by mechanical engineers and dentists to deliver prompt
products and services to patients concerned about their aesthetic look.
Since two decades various bracket systems have designed involving
techniques like milling, injection molding which are technically not
flexible for the customized dental product development. The aim of
this paper to design, develop a customized system which is
economical and mainly emphasizes the expertise design and
integration of engineering and dental fields. A custom made selfadjustable
lingual bracket and customized implants are designed and
developed using computer aided design (CAD) and rapid prototyping
technology (RPT) to improve the smiles and to overcome the
difficulties associated with conventional ones. Lengthy orthodontic
treatment usually not accepted by the patients because the patient
compliance is lost. Patient-s compliance can be improved by
facilitating faster tooth movements by designing a localized dental
vibrator using advanced engineering principles.},
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