@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6549,
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	  abstract     = {Many single or multispan arch bridges are
strengthened with the addition of some kind of structural support
between adjacent arches of multispan or beside the arch barrel of a
single span to increase the strength of the overall structure. It was
traditionally formed by either placing loose rubble masonry blocks
between the arches and beside the arches or using mortar or concrete
to construct a more substantial structural bond between the spans. On
the other hand backing materials are present in some existing bridges.
Existing arch assessment procedures generally ignore the effects of
backing materials. In this paper an investigation of the effects of
backing on ratings for masonry arch bridges is carried out. It is
observed that increasing the overall lateral stability of the arch
system through the inclusion of structural backing results in an
enhanced failure load by reducing the likelihood of any tension
occurring at the top of the arch.},
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