@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6539,
	  title     = {Construction and Performance Characterization of the Looped-Tube Travelling-Wave Thermoacoustic Engine with Ceramic Regenerator},
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	  abstract     = {In a travelling wave thermoacoustic device, the
regenerator sandwiched between a pair of (hot and cold) heat
exchangers constitutes the so-called thermoacoustic core, where the
thermoacoustic energy conversion from heat to acoustic power takes
place. The temperature gradient along the regenerator caused by the
two heat exchangers excites and maintains the acoustic wave in the
resonator. The devices are called travelling wave thermoacoustic
systems because the phase angle difference between the pressure and
velocity oscillation is close to zero in the regenerator. This paper
presents the construction and testing of a thermoacoustic engine
equipped with a ceramic regenerator, made from a ceramic material
that is usually used as catalyst substrate in vehicles- exhaust systems,
with fine square channels (900 cells per square inch). The testing
includes the onset temperature difference (minimum temperature
difference required to start the acoustic oscillation in an engine), the
acoustic power output, thermal efficiency and the temperature profile
along the regenerator.},
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