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	  abstract     = {The identification and elimination of bad
measurements is one of the basic functions of a robust state estimator
as bad data have the effect of corrupting the results of state
estimation according to the popular weighted least squares method.
However this is a difficult problem to handle especially when dealing
with multiple errors from the interactive conforming type. In this
paper, a self adaptive genetic based algorithm is proposed. The
algorithm utilizes the results of the classical linearized normal
residuals approach to tune the genetic operators thus instead of
making a randomized search throughout the whole search space it is
more likely to be a directed search thus the optimum solution is
obtained at very early stages(maximum of 5 generations). The
algorithm utilizes the accumulating databases of already computed
cases to reduce the computational burden to minimum. Tests are
conducted with reference to the standard IEEE test systems. Test
results are very promising.},
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