%0 Journal Article
	%A M. Raciti Castelli and  M. Cescon and  E. Benini
	%D 2012
	%J International Journal of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
	%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
	%I Open Science Index 69, 2012
	%T Preliminary Assessment of Feasibility of a Wind Energy Conversion System for a Martian Probe or Surface Rover
	%U https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6481
	%V 69
	%X Nuclear energy sources have been widely used in the
past decades in order to power spacecraft subsystems. Nevertheless,
their use has attracted controversy because of the risk of harmful
material released into the atmosphere if an accident were to occur
during the launch phase of the mission, leading to the general
adoption of photovoltaic systems.
As compared to solar cells, wind turbines have a great advantage
on Mars, as they can continuously produce power both during dust
storms and at night-time: this paper focuses on the potential of a wind
energy conversion system (WECS) considering the atmospheric
conditions on Mars. Wind potential on Martian surface has been
estimated, as well as the average energy requirements of a Martian
probe or surface rover. Finally, the expected daily energy output of
the WECS has been computed on the basis of both the swept area of
the rotor and the equivalent wind speed at the landing site.
	%P 1973 - 1981