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	  abstract     = {Background: Tissue Doppler Echocardiography
(TDE) assesses diastolic function more accurately than routine pulse
Doppler echo. Assessment of the effects of dynamic and static
exercises on the heart by using TDE can provides new information
about the athlete-s heart syndrome. Methods: This study was
conducted on 20 elite wrestlers, 14 endurance runners at national
level and 21 non-athletes as the control group. Participants underwent
two-dimensional echocardiography, standard Doppler and TDE.
Results: Wrestlers had the highest left ventricular mass index, enddiastolic
inter-ventricular septum thickness and left ventricular
Posterior wall thickness. Runners had the highest Left ventricular
end-diastolic volume, LV ejection fraction, stroke volume and
cardiac output. In TDE, the early diastolic velocity of mitral annulus
to the late diastolic velocity ratio in athletic groups was greater than
the controls with no significant difference. Conclusion: In spite of
cardiac morphological changes in athletes, TDE shows that cardiac
diastolic function won-t be adversely affected.},
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