@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6411,
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	  abstract     = {Fire disaster is the major factor to endanger the public
and environmental safety. People lost their life during fire disaster
mainly be attributed to the dense smoke and toxic gas under
combustion, which hinder the escape of people and the rescue of
firefighters under fire disaster. The smoke suppression effect of
several transitional metals oxide on the epoxy resin treated with
intumescent flame retardant and titanate couple agent
(EP/IFR/Titanate) system have been investigated. The results showed
manganese dioxide has great effect on reducing the smoke density rate
(SDR) of EP/IFR/Titanate system; however it has little effect to reduce
the maximum smoke density (MSD) of EP/IFR/Titanate system.
Copper oxide can decrease the maximum smoke density (MSD) and
smoke density rate of EP/IFR/Titanate system substantially. The MSD
and SDR of EP/IFR/Titanate system can reduce 20.3% and 39.1%
respectively when 2% of copper oxide is introduced.},
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