@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6331,
	  title     = {Hybrid Energy Supply with Dominantly Renewable Option for Small Industrial Complex},
	  author    = {Tomislav Stambolic and  Anton Causevski},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The deficit of power for electricity demand reaches
almost 30% for consumers in the last few years. This reflects with
continually increasing the price of electricity, and today the price for
small industry is almost 110Euro/MWh. The high price is additional
problem for the owners in the economy crisis which is reflected with
higher price of the goods.
The paper gives analyses of the energy needs for real agro
complex in Macedonia, private vinery with capacity of over 2 million
liters in a year and with self grapes and fruits fields. The existing
power supply is from grid with 10/04 kV transformer. The
geographical and meteorological condition of the vinery location
gives opportunity for including renewable as a power supply option
for the vinery complex.
After observation of the monthly energy needs for the vinery, the
base scenario is the existing power supply from the distribution grid.
The electricity bill in small industry has three factors: electricity in
high and low tariffs in kWh and the power engaged for the
technological process of production in kW. These three factors make
the total electricity bill and it is over 110 Euro/MWh which is the
price near competitive for renewable option. On the other side
investments in renewable (especially photovoltaic (PV)) has tendency
of decreasing with price of near 1,5 Euro/W. This means that
renewable with PV can be real option for power supply for small
industry capacities (under 500kW installed power).
Therefore, the other scenarios give the option with PV and the last
one includes wind option. The paper presents some scenarios for
power supply of the vinery as the followings:
• Base scenario of existing conventional power supply from the
• Scenario with implementation of renewable of Photovoltaic
• Scenario with implementation of renewable of Photovoltaic and
Wind power
The total power installed in a vinery is near 570 kW, but the
maximum needs are around 250kW. At the end of the full paper some
of the results from scenarios will be presented. The paper also
includes the environmental impacts of the renewable scenarios, as
well as financial needs for investments and revenues from renewable.},
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