@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6098,
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	  abstract     = {Global competitiveness has recently become the
biggest concern of both manufacturing and service companies.
Electronic commerce, as a key technology enables the firms to reach
all the potential consumers from all over the world. In this study, we
have presented commonly used electronic payment systems, and then
we have shown the evaluation of these systems in respect to different
criteria. The payment systems which are included in this research are
the credit card, the virtual credit card, the electronic money, the
mobile payment, the credit transfer and the debit instruments. We
have realized a systematic comparison of these systems in respect to
three main criteria: Technical, economical and social. We have
conducted a fuzzy multi-criteria decision making procedure to deal
with the multi-attribute nature of the problem. The subjectiveness
and imprecision of the evaluation process are modeled using
triangular fuzzy numbers.},
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