@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/5965,
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	  abstract     = {With deep development of software reuse, componentrelated
technologies have been widely applied in the development of
large-scale complex applications. Component identification (CI) is
one of the primary research problems in software reuse, by analyzing
domain business models to get a set of business components with high
reuse value and good reuse performance to support effective reuse.
Based on the concept and classification of CI, its technical stack is
briefly discussed from four views, i.e., form of input business models,
identification goals, identification strategies, and identification
process. Then various CI methods presented in literatures are
classified into four types, i.e., domain analysis based methods,
cohesion-coupling based clustering methods, CRUD matrix based
methods, and other methods, with the comparisons between these
methods for their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, some
insufficiencies of study on CI are discussed, and the causes are
explained subsequently. Finally, it is concluded with some
significantly promising tendency about research on this problem.},
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