@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/5962,
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	  abstract     = {Product Data Management (PDM) systems for Computer
Aided Design (CAD) file management are widely established
in design processes. This management system is indispensable for
design collaboration or when design task distribution is present. It is
thus surprising that engineering design curricula has not paid much
attention in the education of PDM systems. This is also the case
for eduction of ecodesign and environmental evaluation of products.
With the rise of sustainability as a strategic aspect in companies,
environmental concerns are becoming a key issue in design. This
paper discusses the establishment of a PDM platform to be used
among technical and vocational schools in Austria. The PDM system
facilitates design collaboration among these schools. Further, it will
be discussed how the PDM system has been prepared in order to
facilitate environmental evaluation of parts, components and subassemblies
of a product. By integrating a Business Intelligence
solution, environmental Life Cycle Assessment and communication
of results is enabled.},
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