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	  abstract     = {To explore pipelines is one of various bio-mimetic
robot applications. The robot may work in common buildings such as
between ceilings and ducts, in addition to complicated and massive
pipeline systems of large industrial plants. The bio-mimetic robot finds
any troubled area or malfunction and then reports its data. Importantly,
it can not only prepare for but also react to any abnormal routes in the
pipeline. The pipeline monitoring tasks require special types of mobile
robots. For an effective movement along a pipeline, the movement of
the robot will be similar to that of insects or crawling animals. During
its movement along the pipelines, a pipeline monitoring robot has an
important task of finding the shapes of the approaching path on the
pipes. In this paper we propose an effective solution to the pipeline
pattern recognition, based on the fuzzy classification rules for the
measured IR distance data.},
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