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	  abstract     = {In MPEG and H.26x standards, to eliminate the
temporal redundancy we use motion estimation. Given that the
motion estimation stage is very complex in terms of computational
effort, a hardware implementation on a re-configurable circuit is
crucial for the requirements of different real time multimedia
applications. In this paper, we present hardware architecture for
motion estimation based on "Full Search Block Matching" (FSBM)
algorithm. This architecture presents minimum latency, maximum
throughput, full utilization of hardware resources such as embedded
memory blocks, and combining both pipelining and parallel
processing techniques. Our design is described in VHDL language,
verified by simulation and implemented in a Stratix II
EP2S130F1020C4 FPGA circuit. The experiment result show that the
optimum operating clock frequency of the proposed design is 89MHz
which achieves 160M pixels/sec.},
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