@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/583,
	  title     = {Dynamic Modeling of Intelligent Air-Cushion Tracked Vehicle for Swamp Peat},
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	  abstract     = {Modeling of the dynamic behavior and motion are
renewed interest in the improved tractive performance of an
intelligent air-cushion tracked vehicle (IACTV). This paper presents
a new dynamical model for the forces on the developed small scale
intelligent air-cushion tracked vehicle moving over swamp peat. The
air cushion system partially supports the 25 % of vehicle total weight
in order to make the vehicle ground contact pressure 7 kN/m2. As the
air-cushion support system can adjust automatically on the terrain, so
the vehicle can move over the terrain without any risks. The springdamper
system is used with the vehicle body to control the aircushion
support system on any undulating terrain by making the
system sinusoidal form. Experiments have been carried out to
investigate the relationships among tractive efficiency, slippage,
traction coefficient, load distribution ratio, tractive effort, motion
resistance and power consumption in given terrain conditions.
Experiment and simulation results show that air-cushion system
improves the vehicle performance by keeping traction coefficient of
71% and tractive efficiency of 62% and the developed model can
meet the demand of transport efficiency with the optimal power
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