@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/5782,
	  title     = {Analyses of Socio-Cognitive Identity Styles by Slovak Adolescents},
	  author    = {Blandína Šramová and  Gabriel Bianchi and  Barbara Lášticová and  Katarína Fichnová and  Anežka Hamranová},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The contribution deals with analysis of identity style
at adolescents (N=463) at the age from 16 to 19 (the average age is
17,7 years). We used the Identity Style Inventory by Berzonsky,
distinguishing three basic, measured identity styles: informational,
normative, diffuse-avoidant identity style and also commitment. The
informational identity style influencing on personal adaptability,
coping strategies, quality of life and the normative identity style, it
means the style in which an individual takes on models of authorities
at self-defining were found to have the highest representation in the
studied group of adolescents by higher scores at girls in comparison
with boys. The normative identity style positively correlates with the
informational identity style. The diffuse-avoidant identity style was
found to be positively associated with maladaptive decisional
strategies, neuroticism and depressive reactions. There is the style,
in which the individual shifts aside defining his personality. In our
research sample the lowest score represents it and negatively
correlates with commitment, it means with coping strategies, thrust in
oneself and the surrounding world. The age of adolescents did not
significantly differentiate representation of identity style. We were
finding the model, in which informational and normative identity
style had positive relationship and the informational and diffuseavoidant
style had negative relationship, which were determinated
with commitment. In the same time the commitment is influenced
with other outside factors.},
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