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	  abstract     = {The objective of this paper is to study the electrical
resistivity complexity between field and laboratory measurement, in
order to improve the effectiveness of data interpretation for
geophysical ground resistivity survey. The geological outcrop in
Penang, Malaysia with an obvious layering contact was chosen as the
study site. Two dimensional geoelectrical resistivity imaging were
used in this study to maps the resistivity distribution of subsurface,
whereas few subsurface sample were obtained for laboratory
advance. In this study, resistivity of samples in original conditions is
measured in laboratory by using time domain low-voltage technique,
particularly for granite core sample and soil resistivity measuring set
for soil sample. The experimentation results from both schemes are
studied, analyzed, calibrated and verified, including basis and
correlation, degree of tolerance and characteristics of substance.
Consequently, the significant different between both schemes is
explained comprehensively within this paper.},
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