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	  abstract     = {A high energy dual-wavelength extracavity KTA
optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with excellent stability and beam
quality, which is pumped by a Q-switched single-longitudinal-mode
Nd:YAG laser, has been demonstrated based on a type II noncritical
phase matching (NCPM) KTA crystal. The maximum pulse energy of
10.2 mJ with the output stability of better than 4.1% rms at 3.467 μm is
obtained at the repetition rate of 10 Hz and pulse width of 2 ns, and the
11.9 mJ of 1.535 μm radiation is obtained simultaneously. This
extracavity NCPM KTA OPO is very useful when high energy, high
beam quality and smooth time domain are needed.},
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