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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In the present work, behavior of inoxydable steel as
reinforcement bar in composite concrete is being investigated. The
bar-concrete adherence in reinforced concrete (RC) beam is studied
and focus is made on the tension stiffening parameter. This study
highlighted an approach to observe this interaction behavior in
bending test instead of direct tension as per reported in many
references. The approach resembles actual loading condition of the
structural RC beam. The tension stiffening properties are then
applied to numerical finite element analysis (FEA) to verify their
correlation with laboratory results. Comparison with laboratory
shows a good correlation between the two. The experimental settings
is able to determine tension stiffening parameters in RC beam and
the modeling strategies made in ABAQUS can closely represent the
actual condition. Tension stiffening model used can represent the
interaction properties between inoxydable steel and concrete.},
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