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	  abstract     = {Client expectations and preferences about therapy
represent an important area of investigation as research shows they
are linked to engagement in therapy and therapy outcomes. Studies
examining young people-s expectations and preferences of therapy
remain a neglected area of research. The present study explored what
expectations and preferences young people seeking professional help
held regarding: their role as a client, their therapist-s role, their
therapeutic outcomes, and the processes of therapy. Gender and age
differences were also examined. Participants included 188 young
people aged 12-25 who completed a survey while attending their
initial session at a youth mental health service. Data were analysed
using quantitative methods. Results found the young people held
significantly more pessimistic expectations around therapy when
compared to what they had wanted therapy to be like. Few age and
gender differences were found. Results highlight the importance of a
collaborative therapy approach when working with young people.},
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