@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/5439,
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	  abstract     = {Column leach test has been performed to examine the
behavior of leaching of sodium, calcium and potassium in landfills.
In the column leach apparatus, two different layers of contaminated
and uncontaminated soils of different height ratios (ratio of depth of
contaminated soil to the depth of uncontaminated soil) are taken.
Water is poured from an overhead tank at a particular flowrate to the
inlet of the soil column for a certain ponding depth over the
contaminated soil. Subsequent infiltration causes leaching and the
leachates are collected from the bottom of the column. The
concentrations of Na, Ca and K in the leachate are measured using
flame photometry. The experiments are further extended by changing
the rates of flow from the overhead tank to the inlet of the column in
achieving the same ponding depth. The experiments are performed
for different scenarios in which the height ratios are altered and the
variations of concentrations of Na, Ca, and K are observed. The study
brings an estimation of leaching in landfill sites for different heights
and precipitation intensity where a ponding depth is maintained over
the landfill. It has been observed that the leaching behavior of Na,
Ca, and K are not similar. Calcium exhibits highest amount of
leaching compared to Sodium and Potassium under similar
experimental conditions.},
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