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	  abstract     = {In India, the quarrel between the budding human
populace and the planet-s unchanging supply of freshwater and
falling water tables has strained attention the reuse of gray water as
an alternative water resource in rural development. This paper
present the finest design of laboratory scale gray water treatment
plant, which is a combination of natural and physical operations such
as primary settling with cascaded water flow, aeration, agitation and
filtration, hence called as hybrid treatment process. The economical
performance of the plant for treatment of bathrooms, basins and
laundries gray water showed in terms of deduction competency of
water pollutants such as COD (83%), TDS (70%), TSS (83%), total
hardness (50%), oil and grease (97%), anions (46%) and cations
(49%). Hence, this technology could be a good alternative to treat
gray water in residential rural area.},
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