%0 Journal Article
	%A M. Soryani and  N. Rafat
	%D 2008
	%J International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering
	%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
	%I Open Science Index 18, 2008
	%T Application of Genetic Algorithms to Feature Subset Selection in a Farsi OCR
	%U https://publications.waset.org/pdf/5202
	%V 18
	%X Dealing with hundreds of features in character
recognition systems is not unusual. This large number of features
leads to the increase of computational workload of recognition
process. There have been many methods which try to remove
unnecessary or redundant features and reduce feature dimensionality.
Besides because of the characteristics of Farsi scripts, it-s not
possible to apply other languages algorithms to Farsi directly. In this
paper some methods for feature subset selection using genetic
algorithms are applied on a Farsi optical character recognition (OCR)
system. Experimental results show that application of genetic
algorithms (GA) to feature subset selection in a Farsi OCR results in
lower computational complexity and enhanced recognition rate.
	%P 2167 - 2170